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Amiret Minnesota History

From History of Lyon County Minnesota
Written by Arthur P. Rose, published in 1912

The township which is now designated Amiret dates its existence from March 17. 1874. when the County Board, upon the petition of Horace N. Randall and others, authorized its citizens to organize. For several years the precinct bore the name Madison, but in 1879, by legislative act. its name was changed to Amiret, to correspond with the name of the village within its boundaries. 29 The first town meeting was held at the store of William Coburn April 7. 1874. S. S. Truax, J. H. Williams and H. N. Randall were judges of the election then held and William Coburn was clerk.

The first officers chosen were as follows: James Mitchell, Jr., chairman; Lafayette Grover and David Hawks, supervisors; William Coburn, clerk: S. S. Truax, treasurer; J. H. Williams, assessor; John Taylor, justice of the peace; Luther Mason, constable. 30 To the following early settlers of Amiret township government land titles were granted:

Henry Borchert (30), William Doxie (6), Charles Donaldson (22), George W. Donaldson (22), Simeon S. Goodrich (12), Philo Hall (14), Isaiah D. Hetric (24), David Hawks (14). William Harrison (32), James Hopkins (30), Beers Johnson (30), Eliza A. Kennedy (34), Jacob Kline (28), N. Leavitt (26), Jane Mitchell

The farming population of Monroe township in 1884 was composed of the following: C. Reggie, E. W. Ladd, J. Jones, Jessup & Walsh, C. \Y. Van Dusen. \Y. Northrup, James Thomson, J. W. Tyson, Philip Peregrine, B. R. Bass, E. W. Glvnn, I. Grover, J. Glynn, J. F. Durst, J. P. Davis, Rees Davis, R. H. Lawrence, Martin Larsen, Gulbrand Larsen, Elias Jones, T. Larson, Nevius Brothers, J. R. Mullen, J. B. Mullen, J. B. Deal, J. L. Craig, J. C. Tweet, R. Cavanaugh, N. H. Starr, C. Muediking, Wyatt Moulton, H. R. Hughes, Rees Price, W. H. Morgan, Ole Amundson, Ole Olsen, Charles C. Warren, A. Erlandson, Louis Rialson. S. D. Peterson, T. Lewis, Ole Liaison. W. S. Moses, W. Henning, J. Moline, J. S. Wilniarth, H. H. Titus. Levi Montgomery, Ole Johnson, J. J. Randall, ('. Christianson, Ole Anderson, Ole Helgeson, Andrew Christensen, Mrs. R. Sessions, E. D. Evans, G. O. Miller, A. Amendsen, H. Amundson, J. Jacobson, H. .Moline, Ellef Anderson, J. Retz, Schmitz.

 The village was named in honor of Amiretta Sykes, wife of M. I. Sykes, vice president of the Chicago ifc Northwestern Railroad Company and also of the Winona & St. Peter Railroad Company.


(30), Luther Mason (20), Saira H. Preston (26), J. C. Plumseth (28), Charles P. Silloway (22), O. W. Walsh (34), Hamilton Drake (28), Merritt Shaw (18), James Mitchell (30), Peter McKeever (30), Frederick A. Woodruff (2), Joseph Connelly (30), Valentine O. Cove}' (10), James W. Drew (4), Jasper L. Havens (24), Don D. Harding (28), Calvin Maydole (18), Franklin G. Cahow (12), Luvina Devens (10), Ariel H. Wellman (26), William Coburn (10), Oliver P. Ball (4), Joseph Fredenburg (2), Alfred Nichols (20), George Beck (18), Daniel Warn (24), Nelson Johnson (18), John W. Taylor (14), Joseph B. Shepard (4), George W. Smith (8), James Struthers (8), Joseph Shake (6), Horace N. Randall (14-2), Henry C. Maydole (6), Isaac C. Seeley (8), Benjamin R. Bass (6), James D. Bevier (24), Sidnev N. Lund (24), John B. Martin (24), Ambrose N. Smith (18), Jacob Devens (4), James Mitchell, Jr. (4), Ephraim Skyhawk (2), Abraham V. Brown (10), John Sherman (12), Eugene E. Harding (20), Homer C. Swift (8), Emery J. York (26), Lewis F. Rowell (10), Thomas Johnson (24), Charles Mason (20), Burton A. Drake (6), Perrv D. Gross (20), Charles F. Whipple (28), Andrew Purves (18), John D. Owens (32), Alexander Kennedy (12), Joel H. Harris (32), Louis Michel (6), Gardner F. Harding (34). 31


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